LOCAL 1010

Payment Period
The Hot Rolled Steel Price Bonus will be paid within thirty (30) days of the publishing of the American Metal Market Monthly Averages data.

b. Individual Entitlement... The Payment will be paid to Employees who have accumulated Hours (as defined below) in the calendar weeks within each fiscal quarter.

c. Hours shall include the following, hours for any week for any Participant: hours worked (including straight time and overtime hours and AWS hours), vacation and holiday hours at the rate of eight (8) hours (or AWS hours if appropriate) for each holiday or day of vacation.

d. Any payments made to a Participant pursuant to this HRSPB shall not be included in the Participant's earnings for purposes of determining any other pay, benefit or allowance of the Participant.

Payments will be made according to the scale below.

Hot Rolled Steel Price
U.S. Ton
Payment per eligible Hour
$600 - $650.99 ____$0.50
$651 - $700.99____$0.75
$701 - $750.99____$1.00
Above $751     ____$1.25

HR Steel Price Average
Q2 2018
HR Steel Price Average
Q1 2018
HR Steel Price Average
Q4 2017
HR Steel Price Average
Q3 2017
HR Steel Price Average
Q2 2017
HR Steel Price Average
Q1 2017

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