LOCAL 1010
The USW Local 1010 Civil Rights Committee members are working to preserve and protect your rights in the workplace. Effective civil rights enforcement is part of our mission. Safeguarding civil rights is a challenge we must all work towards.

Together, we can achieve this goal. Education and training are key components to ensure that all employees know what harassment is. We have adopted policies to prohibit and prevent harassment in the workplace.

Harassment can consist of words or actions, which show disrespect or cause humiliation to another employee because of his or her race, color, religion, creed, age, disability, place of origin, or ethnic origin.

Sexual harassment is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

There are two types of Sexual Harassment:
(1)Quid Pro Quo (one thing in return for another)
(2)Hostile Work Environment

Other types of harassment consist of:
Inappropriate forms of communication (such as email messages, blackberries, voicemail, cell phones, radios, paging systems, etc.)

It is also a violation to retaliate against an individual who files a harassment complaint and those who testify at an investigation.

Any and all complaints are handled with complete confidentiality by the Civil Rights Committee, and should also be handled with strict confidentiality by all individuals involved in the investigation.

If you feel there is any form of harassment in your workplace, please contact our committee.
Chair - Gail Richardson
Anita Freels
Shundel Lacey

Local 1010 Memorial Hall
7047 Grand Avenue
Hammond, Indiana 46323
(219) 937-7784
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